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Friday, September 15, 2006


Is a fashion Magazine I want to create once ribbsaetermodels is more established..
I want to create some crazy high fashion shoots and give the oppertunity to younger designers in India,who dont really have the money to market them self..
Its going to be a very posh,wild outspoken magazine that all ages can relate to.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


the ribbsaeterfoundation is something that me and my father came up with. Since young age I had always feelt and wanted to do something for the less privileged people in the world. I Wanted to be part of making a change...

And this could be my chance to help and make a different in other peoples life.
India is a very poor country with many people of all ages suffering from not having food to eat for the day as many other countries in the world. Wich we all are aware of.. It really sad's me to see all this people walking hungry and begging for some coins to eat,or looking threw the rubble of garbage for some leftover.. India has a very big contrast between people who are rich and poor. And the problem with the goverment and politicians. They all are just to concernd about their own pockets and lifes,so they forget about the poor. In my eyes I guess they feel the country)India) is already lost.....
My ide to setup ribbsaetermodels,was by taking 1 % of the 30% ribbsaetermodels earn from every model in Town(Mumbai).. And start creating differnt types of Events,like charitys to raise more money to build schools and give the help to people who really needs it.
Im sure my dream will come true.....

How do you see on helping other people in the world ???

History: Ribbsaetermodels Mumbai(India).

In 2004 I came to New dehli(India) for a direct booking with Hugo Boss from Singapore. I had a model friend of mine staying in Bombay at that time working there as a model. He told me to come and visit him in Bombay and try out the market there. I flew to Bombay to met my friend and started to check out the market. At that time I didnt even knew there was a market for modeling in India. And little did I know,that India in fact is Huge Market Fashion and Entertainment Business.
I got in touch with a agency,who at that time was representing other internatonal models for the Indian market.
I started out doing really well with this company,and got some very big jobs.. Wich have lead to my success in India.
I stayed and worked really well in India for couple of months,before I flew off to Dubai to be represented by the same agency there. By the time I was in dubai, I had created a buzz about my self and working skills, loving passion for the modeling and fashion.. I came back to India after a month in Dubai to continue my work and success. Suddenly I had photographers, Advertising companies, and Desingers lined up to work with me for their Super prodjects.
After some time with my agency in India, Igot in to some problem with them regarding money etc. They agency in India decided to start cheating me with my talents fee's etc,and didnt want to pay me for the jobs that I had done. And at that time my cashflow wasent at my peak. So i turned to a billionair friend of mine for he's help. He came and assist me for some time so I could get on my feet again.
I told him that Ive decided to set up my own agency in Bombay India. He and many other people in the fashion Industry was very pleased to hear my future plans.
I went off to create my own Modeling agency name' ribbsaetermodels' after my last name.
Then i contacted several modeling agencies all over the world and explaining my ideas and plans. They where all very excited and wanted to start collaborating with my agency ribbsaetermodels. I also got in touch with all my model friends worldwide and told them to email me their portfolios etc. They all did... Now I had started slowley to build my company from the ground. I got my self a company car and personal driver'Sameer' who was to become my right hand in My business empire. My plan was to set out and met every person in the fashion,advertising and entertainment business there was. Who where in need of my services. Everyday me and Sameer set up about 6-8 eight business meting's with different companies,,photographers etc. I have always belived, if u do something and especially business,its very important to met the people in person. Its really gives another perspective of you and the person you are meting. Then talking over the phone.
I had now started to build my network of conexions slowley.
After some month working on the setup for ribbsaetermodels,I had accomplish things that had been taking other agencies years to do. Today ribbsaetermodels collaborating with 18 agencies from all over the world.